OVER the past few weeks, Clydesdale Harriers still managed to race in several events in the month of December and January despite some inclement weather.

The most recent was on the second of this month when two Harriers travelled down to Lancashire to compete in the Central Lancashire New Year Half Marathon.

Fastest Harrier and the 11th overall was Paul Carroll in a time of 1.20.25, followed by Marina McCallum in 94th position (1.35.44).

Previous to that, five days before Christmas Day was the annual Christmas Handicap run over a course of approximately 2.7 miles.

Fastest Harrier was under 20 Peter Bowman (14.50), followed by under 17 Harrier Connor Ewing (15.22), Iain Robertson (15.31), Gerry Montgomery (16.00), Hugh Laverty (17.05), Ryan Nelson (17.06), Martin King (17.07), Anne Murray (17.32), Alistair Greig (17.39), Mark Barrow (17.48), Shirley Greig (19.21), Bobby Young (19.51), Yvonne Green (20.00), Gerry Kane (20.26), Christine Duncanson (22.03), Claire Reid (22.09), Fiona McCue (22.59), Marina McCallum (22.59), Marie Rippon (23.04), Patricia Stevenson (23.45), Bernadette Keenan (24.31) and Laurie Pearson (27.52).

The weekend of December 11 had Clydesdale Harriers young and old travelling down to Irvine for the Scottish Athletics West District Cross Country Championships.

First off were the under 13 girls running 3200m.

Fastest Harrier was Charlotte Ross (15.13), followed by Iona Allan (15.16), and Aimee Abbott (18.16).

Next off were the under 13 boys also running 3200m.

Brian Aird finished well in a time of 13.38, followed by Lewis Hay (14.46) and Stephen Kane (15.08).

Under 15 girls had Emily Paxton running 21.51 for the 4400m course.

Under 17 men had Conor Ewing running the 6400m course in 23.16.

Next off were the senior/junior women running 6400m. Fastest Harrier was Anne Murray (27.20), followed by Marina McCallum (28.52), and Yvonne Green (30.43).

The three also won the Masters Team Gold medal (teams aged over the age of 40) to make it a double in the West Districts events (having won a team gold medal in the relays a month earlier).

Lastly were the senior/junior men running 10000m.

Fastest Harrier was Paul Carroll finishing in 37.00, followed by Michael Diver (37.26), Iain Robertson (38.40), Hugh Laverty (41.57), Mark Barrow (43.15), Bobby Young (46.00), Gerry Kane (47.14) and Peter Rudzinski (48.05).

The following day was the SAIL (Scottish Athletics Indoor League) Match 2 at the Kelvin Hall.

Under 11 boys had Cairn Wallace running in the 60m (10.35) and the 600m (2.18.6).

Under 13 boys had Anthony Quinn running the 60m (10.33), Stephen Kane running the 800m (3.09.5), Ronan Ross running in the 200m (34.0) and jumping in the long jump (2.73m), Kyle Higgins running in the 60m Hurdles (11.85).

Under 13 girls had C. Allan running in the 60m and 60m Hurdles (10.15 and 12.63 respectively).

Iona Allan ran 800m in 3.11.2 and threw the shot putt 4.24m. Aimee Abbott ran in the 200m (40.5), and jumped 1.81m in the long jump.

Under 15 boys had Andrew Hunter winning the 60m in 7.99, winning the 200m in 25.8, and jumping 9.49m in the triple jump.

Brian Aird ran in the 800m (3.05.6) and threw 3.37m in the shot putt.

Lewis Hay ran in the 400m (74.3). Under 15 Girls had Rachel Campbell running in the 60m and 60m Hurdles (9.70 and 12.85 respectively).

Emily Paxton ran the 800m in 2.50.2 and the 300m in 49.4. Charlotte Ross jumped 3.46m in the 300m.

Under 17 men had Conner McDade running in the 60m (7.99) and 200m (25.5).

David Campbell ran in the 60m hurdles (9.61) and 400m (57.0).

Under 17 women had Erin Ball running in the 60m Hurdles (9.64) and jumping 1.20m in the high jump.

Roisin McShea ran in the 300m (52.9).

Lastly, the under 20 women had Diane Nicholson running in the 60m (9.34), 200m (33.9) and throwing 8.20m in the shot putt.

Claire Reid ran in the 800m (2.50.7), 400m (69.9) and jumped 8.20m in the triple jump.