Runners record good times in cross country races

Five Clydesdale Harriers competed in the Glen Ogle 33 mile Ultra Race and recorded some excellent times.

Fastest club runner was John Fox who crossed the finishing line in 5hrs 5mins.

He was followed by Martin King (5.11), Fiona McCue (5.28), Marie Rippon (6.12), and Mairi Fox (no time given).

At the end of last month there was the third of the cross country relays - the National Cross Country Relays at Cumbernauld. First off were the Young Females running 2k. Three teams competed, although one of them was ncomplete.

Team ‘A’ had Jade Steele-Milne running first (12.58), changing to Iona Allan (12.49), changing to Emily Paxton (13.38), with total time 39.25. Team ‘B’ had Anna McCracken running first (14.12), changing to Natasha Shaw (14.21), changing to Charlotte Ross (13.33), with total time 42.06. Team ‘C’ had Rhianna McQuillan running first (13.32).

Next off was the Young Males. Five teams competed; one of which was incomplete. Team ‘A’ had Jack Dolan running first (12.13), changing to Robert Whittick (11.16), changing to Brian Aird (10.48), with total time 34.17.

Team ‘B’ had Cairn Wallace running first (12.42), changing to Ronan Ross (13.43), changing to Philip Allan (12.03), with total time 38.28. Team ‘C’ had Stuart Aird running first (12.57), changing to Michael Dunn (12.37), changing to Darren Dolan (12.46), with total time 38.28. Team ‘D’ had Luke Lindup running first (13.32), changing to Stephen Kane (13.05), changing to Lewis Hay (13.11), with total time 39.48. Finally Team ‘E’ had Evan Currie running first (12.37).

Senior Woman had an incomplete team. Hylda Stewart ran to finish the 4k course in 20.54.

Senior Men had four teams, one of which was incomplete. Team ‘A’ had James Austen running first (15.30), changing to Paul Carroll (15.23), changing to David Brown (16.06), changing to Robert O’Neill (15.55), with total time 62.54. Team ‘B’ had Tony Dolan running first (16.53), changing to Ryan Savage (17.21), changing to Paul McKendry (18.02), changing to Kevin Farmer (16.48), with total time 69.04. Team C’ had Pete Cartwright running first (18.52), changing to Ryan Nelson (17.55), changing to Dewar Stewart (19.05), changing to Bobby Young (19.33), with total time 75.25. Team ‘D’ had Peter Rudzinski running first (21.40).

This Saturday is the annual presentation night which takes place in St Stephen’s Scout Hall - 7pm for 7.30pm start.