Rothesay Brandane 2 - Milngavie Wanderers 3

IN this return league fixture Wanderers had their work cut out for them in the quest for victory.

Brandane scored the opener after an error from keeper Stephen Mehigan in eight minutes following a simple cross.

Wands responded furiously and were rewarded on 18 minutes with a free kick on 25 yards which Mark Maxwell crashed home to equalise.

Control passed to the visitors without them playing particularly well as the game approached half-time, then an incident changed the game.

A pass back from Stephen Malone saw keeper Stephen Mehigan clash with the Brandane number 7, the result a penalty for the home side.

Keeper Mehigan was sent off and the Brandane player suffering a serious broken leg injury. David Simeon went in goal and was unable to save the penalty which put the home side ahead at half-time.

On the turnaround Wands came out fighting. Immediately David Simeon made a great save to raise the confidence of the visitors.

At the other end the home keeper made a series of great saves to keep Brandane in the lead until Mark Maxwell in 65 minutes scored a tremendous equalising volley.

Then, on 75 minutes a magnificent Maxwell shot gave the Wands the lead and his hat trick.

Wands held out to record a magnificent victory and travel away again this week to play Weirs Recreation at Cathcart.