Posture at impact point

SO many golfers spend ages working on their body posture, then contrive to lose it all at the point of impact.

They start with a nice spinal angle set at roughly 45 degrees in relation to the ground, but at the moment of truth they lose that angle and then wonder why topped thin shots are the order of the day. Take a look at the first picture and you will clearly see that I have placed a large towel between my head and a solid post.

The idea now is to make a swing and keep the towel in place until well after the point of impact. At first this will feel very restricted, especially if you have been prone to losing your spinal angle, but after a few goes it will quickly feel much better.

Looking at the second picture and you will see that as my body has straightened up, the towel is already well on the way to the ground. Making a few short swings would certainly give you the feeling of maintaining those all important angles, then add in a ball and make some small/short shots to really help you feel the body remaining in the correct place as you strike the ball.

When you are watching the top stars on TV, note how their spinal angle never varies, even when playing a full blooded drive it remains absolutely in the same spot that it started out in. On a short chip/pitch shot it also stays in position.

Quite simply top players create a perfect set up, then maintain it all the way through the entire swing. Think in terms of Turning under a nicely bent over spine. If you are not sure how to create this good spinal angle, try this simple drill. Hold the head of a 7 iron in your right hand only, with the shaft pointing up towards the sky. Then place it behind your head, allowing the shaft to gently touch the middle of your back. Now grab the handle of the club with your other hand, and simply lean over until you are halfway to the ground (45 degrees).

When the back of your legs start to protest, it is about time to bring the club back over your head and assume your new set up position. With a slight flex of the knees you will now be in the perfect body posture ready to strike the ball.

Now having got this lovely new position do not lose it at the point of impact by standing up. Good luck trying this.

Next week: Falling back