Wrong turn shoulders blame for left hip error

Picture 1
Picture 1

One of the most common faults that a right handed player makes is leaving the left hip behind during their backswing.

This is normally associated with a poor shoulder motion, as you will clearly see by taking a look at the first picture.

Picture 2

Picture 2

With the Hoola Hoop placed over my head, the idea was to then make a full natural shoulder turn.

However, my shoulders have turned much too “level”, and as a result my head is now wrongly placed too far outside my right leg.

At this point my left hip looks like it has literally been left behind - and it will now be a long way back to the ball in terms of creating good timing.

Drop kicks will be all too common, as the entire swing centre has moved too far to the right.

Also, the swing direction will be much too far to the right - so blocks, and pushes will be the order of the day.

This poor shoulder action is often a result of being advised to “turn more”.

Now have a look at the second picture.

This time my shoulder movement is correct - with my left one nicely turning under my chin (a slight tilt). This is to allow my hands to climb much more up to the top.

At this stage note how my left hip has worked properly, as it travels through 45 degrees, enabling my body position to remain nicely “centered”.

From here it will be much easier to “return” everything back to impact in a much more powerful, and consistent, manner.

My head position looks much more under control in the second picture.

So if you are ever advised to turn more - make sure that you do it properly, and allow your shoulders to turn under your chin in both directions.

That will also help greatly in terms of keeping your swing “on plane”, with straighter, more consistent shots becoming the norm.

Try this simple Hoop drill, it really is good for many aspects of your golf swing.

Good luck as always.

NEXT WEEK: Ear posture drill.