Scotia members score impressive times by taking all in their stride

Back, Shirley Simpson, Bill McFadden, Rosemary Hill; seated, Gerry McConnell.
Back, Shirley Simpson, Bill McFadden, Rosemary Hill; seated, Gerry McConnell.

Members of Scotia Race Walking Club have delivered a string of fine performances in recent races.

The round-up begins with enthusiast Bill McFadden travelling to Redcar, to take part in NARWA 20k Championship and finishing in 2:01:21 in second place.

The race took place on the promenade with a strong headwind on each lap.

Bill then made the trip to Campbeltown, along with two other Scotia members, to complete the MOKRUN 10k.

All members walked in superb time, with Bill finishing in 57 minutes, Agnes Ellis 69 minutes and Rosemary Hill 75 minutes.

BMAF 5K at Horwich is always the highlight of the year, with four members heading off to compete against some of the best walkers from England and Ireland.

In the M55 category, Bill picked up first place in a course best of 27:52, Gerry McConnell finished third in 34:44, achieving a five-minute PB.

Shirley Simpson, in her first BMAF race, picked up second in her age group in a fantastic 35:40, while Rosemary finished second in her age category in 37:01.

All competed exceptionally in their age category races.

As a team in the event, Scotland finished in a respectable third place.

One week later, both Bill and Gerry travelled to Jarrow South Shields, where they completed the 3k track NEMAA championship.

Bill took first place in 16:22 , with Gerry finishing strongly in a very competative race in 19:53 and took second place, with a PB of 48 seconds.

Three days later, Scotia took to the roads in Clydebank 5k Scottish vets’ race, where Bill finished in a strong 27:32 (30 sec season’s best), with Shirley finishing in 35:18 (22 sec PB), Rosemary 36:22 (39 sec PB) and Kenny Farmer with a superb 37:21 (1 min 30 PB).

With this success, Scotia travelled to Edinburgh for the great Scottish walk, where they took on the tough mixed course, from road to trail.

Scotia took first team prize with outstanding performances from Bill, Gerry, Shirley and Rosemary.

Scotia RWC’s final race was at Dunnington, producing strong performances on a very hot, muggy day.

First was Bill in a time 56:50, a two-minute course best, and Gerry (again), 67 minutes and a huge six-minute PB.

It was a brilliant day, which saw several individual races from the front to the back of the field.