Now ear this and help to maintain right posture

Picture 1
Picture 1

How often have you been told that “you lifted your head” or “you came up on that one?”

Very common advice, but usually not correct. What they probably meant is that you came slightly “out of your posture” and that was the reason for the poor shot.

Picture 2

Picture 2

This week I am going to show you a simple drill that takes care of all of the above.

Take a look at the first picture.

You will clearly see that I have placed an old shaft into the ground - and to extend it, I have popped an alignment rod down the hole at the end of the grip.

The idea now is to set up to the ball using my 53 degree Mizuno wedge.

Holding it slightly down the handle for “more control”, with my stance set also slightly open and my ball positioned slightly left of centre, I am good to go.

Now I have allowed the rod to nestle across my left ear - almost like placing a pencil - as Sam Torrance used to always do.

During my backswing I will endeavour to keep the rod in total contact with my ear.

If this can be done, then the posture and angles will be correctly maintained.

If on the other hand I alter my position, then the rod will part company with my left ear.

This will feel very awkward at first, especially if you have previously been altering your posture during your backswing.

Now have a glance at the second picture.

This time we are looking from a different angle just after contact with the ball - and as you will all clearly see, the rod is still firmly against my ear. Surely a true sign that my posture position/angles, have been properly maintained throughout the movement.

Watching the recent Masters from Augusta, I was impressed by how well all the players “stay in posture” throughout their entire swing.

Try this simple drill out in your back garden. You can use two canes if you don’t have an alignment rod. Use a short iron at first, then progress to a slightly longer one.

Good luck as always, I actually think that you will like this drill.