Kylie plays inspiring role as she helps launch girls’ coaching programme

Young hopefuls look on as Kylie demonstrates her skills (pic courtesy of Craig Watson)
Young hopefuls look on as Kylie demonstrates her skills (pic courtesy of Craig Watson)

Two-time Ladies European Tour winner Kylie Walker proved an inspiration to young females when launching a new coaching scheme.

The 30-year-old Milngavie player joined Paisley professional Clare-Marie Macaulay to help launch Scottish Golf’s season of #ThisGirlGolfs coaching events.

The session was the first of 10 being held around the country this month.

Building on the momentum created by the #ThisGirlGolf’s campaign, clubs and PGA professionals are hosting a series of four-hour group coaching sessions, combining learning the game with the social aspects of golf.

The events are open to girls who are aged between nine and 16.

And when Kylie joined in the session she had as much fun and laughter as the 11 girls who took part.

She said: “It has been fantastic to have a day like this for the girls together and have a bit of fun, learn something, take something away and make some friends.

“Most of the girls didn’t know each other, so it was really good as they all got to meet, work together as a team and compete against each other as well.

“It’s great for girls’ golf and for character building too as a lot of girls are shy.

“I was a really shy 14-year-old and it wasn’t easy for me to start with.

“But luckily I loved the game enough to get over that fear.

“By my second and third medal, I then played with the boys and I was a lot more relaxed and enjoyed it more.

“Girls are more timid than boys, and even just to bring out that bit of confidence in them to keep playing golf is great because they enjoy it.

“To start with, the girls were whispering their name and being really quiet and no one had any questions for me.

“But, by the end, they were all jumping in for photos and selfies and asking lots of questions. I got a lot out of it, and I hope they did too.”

Each four-hour event also includes a meal, so the girls can socialise further. To find out more, visit