Garscube Harriers outstanding at Lindsays National XC Championships

Jack Trainer's efforts earned a superb under-17 silver medal for Garscube at Callendar Park.
Jack Trainer's efforts earned a superb under-17 silver medal for Garscube at Callendar Park.

Over 100 athletes from Garscube Harriers took part in last week’s Lindsays National XC - the pinnacle and grand finale of the athletics cross-country season - at Callendar Park in Falkirk.

Garscube medal winners included Fergus Currie who took bronze in the under-13 boys’ race and, along with team mates Matthew Currie, Matthew Burnside, Charlie Treharne and Jackson Adams, also secured the bronze team prize.

Jack Trainer took a hard-earned silver in the under-17 men’s race, while other individual national medals went to Ann White who took WW65 gold and Alex Chalmers and Alex Chisholm, who both won bronze in the MV50 and MV60 events.

The event was also John Bell’s swansong as head coach and he paid an emotional tribute to the junior squad.

He said: “Saturday saw me sign off as junior head coach after five years at the helm, and boy what a way to go. It was great to see so many committed juniors out, competing at such a high level.

“Fergus Currie went out hard for a gutsy run and led the team home for national medals. It’s been well documented that I shed a few tears on the day.

“Watching these kids grow up in front of my eyes, training four to five days per week, they have been part of my extended family. Seeing Jack take silver knowing how hard he has worked and how much it meant to me is a dream ending as head coach.”

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Club president Jill O’Neill commented: “It’s hard to over-estimate how special a day the Lindsays National Cross-Country Championships is and what it means to us as a club with a record 100 plus finishers for only the second time in the club’s history.”

She continued: “The interest in pulling on the blue and white vest and racing for your team mates has never been stronger. And participation is only part of our story.

“There were medals galore and some outstanding performances which saw individual and team medals from under-13 to over-65 which reflects the strength and depth we have at Garscube.

“The enthusiasm, support and camaraderie are second to none and the pride that our members have in being part of a special club like this is truly heart-warming. And to top of all of this, our members found time to bake and sell cakes raising money for Beatson Cancer Care.”

Garscube results:

U13 Girls: Caitlin Downey 15:14 (70) and Ffion Mann 17:55 (135)

U13 Boys: Fergus Currie 11:36 (3), Matthew Burnside 12:50 (25) Charlie Trehame 13:00 (29) Jackson Adams 13:12 (40) Robert Nicol 14:16 (117) Fraser Donaldson 14:16 (117) Adam Weston 14:52 (143) and Daniel Gray 16:13 (179)

U15 Girls: Summer Mcdonald 17:30 (30) Isabelle Burnside 17:58 (44) Ingrid Imrie 19:35 (80) Beth Trainer 19:43 (84) Kirsten Berry 20:39 (102)

U15 Boys: Finlay Ross-Davie 14:52 (16) Callum Miller 15:41 (31) Cameron Berry 15:50 (42) Cameron O’Brien 17:16 (96) Gregor Murdoch 17:24 (101) and Hugh Borthwick 18:03 (121)

U17 Women: Mia Padmanabhan 27:54 (20)

U17 Men: Jack Trainer 21:45 (2) Elliot Duff 23:00 (14) Murphy Hand 24:12 (37) Luke Aitken 24:34 (44) and James Cathro 24:49 (53)

U20 Men: Thomas Berry 25.30 (6)

Senior Women: Katie white 40:54, Elsie MacDonald 49:36, Holly McIver 49:53, Arlene Lewis 50:00, Yvonne Burgess 50:00, Chloe McAdam 50:09, Martha Lovett 50:19, Laura Gray 50:53, Catriona Padmanabhan 52:39, Mary Senior 52:55, , Suzanne Rae 53:25, Casey Thompson 53:49, Ann White 54:04, Aileen Wilson 54:20, Kathryn Scott 54:45, Morag Casey 54.50, Claire Tippet 57:07, Alison Wood 57:14, Mary Cox 57:29, Theresa Miln 57 39, Melanie Carmichael 58:06, Kirsten Mathew 58:34 Alison Rutherford 58:47, Irene Vezza 1:03:06, Joanne Robertson 1:04:31, Ann Boal 1:05:06, Alison Condie 1:06:08, Lynette Harkins 1:08:12, Barbara Watt 1:10:31, Caroline Dow 1:11:41 and Liz Short 1:15:31

Senior Men: Donald McPartlin 38:30, John Coyle 40:42, Garry Mathew 40:58, Marco Consani 41.19, Alex Chalmers 42:18, Daniel Scroop 42.34, Grant MacDonald 43:04, Gavin Hinde 43:27, Duncan McKellar 43:17, Alex Chisholm 44:16, Craig Shields 44:19, Robert Morrison 44:34, John Murray 44:39, Gavin Harvie 44:40, Mattia Mancinelli 44:57, Mark Thistlewaite 46:35, David Carr 47:05, David Butterly 47:10, Stephen Craig 47:25, Duncan Robertson 47:41, Ade Kearns 48:23, David McKay 48:24, Gary Goldie 48:29, David Dickson 48:31, Ian McFarlane 48:52, Peter Scott 49:17, Andrew Cook 49:53, Andy Downie 50:02, Jeremy Couling 51:11, Mark Cathro 51:41, Craig Brown 51:48, Stuart Donald 51:56, Craig Marsden 52:49, Allan Wallace 53:54, Kevin Gilfillan 54:02, David Hammill 54:23, Kristan Alexander 54:53, David Esler 55:55, Martin Egan 56:39, Paul Collins 57:33, Peter Dow 1:00:08, David Geddes 1:01:00