Olympians make history

On a windswept, muddy and wet Saturday afternoon the Kirkintilloch Olympians sent 38 intrepid runners to Cumbernauld Park for the 2014 National Cross Country Competition with teams from Dumfries to Inverness congregating in a sea of canopies and tents for this great event.

The women’s F50 team of Shirley MacNab, Ada Stewart and Marie McChord came in on 1 hour and 5 minutes to snatch the Bronze Medals for their group, whilst the women’s team of Annmarie McGregor, Annmarie McCaffrey and Elaine Hogg took Bronze for the Masters section.

The men’s Masters team of Graham McCabe, Stephen Allan, Howard Elliot and David Hogg also took Bronze to complete a medal haul which has never been seen before at the Olympians on the National platform.

Supporting and running ‘tough of the track’ seniors were Ausrine Ward, Viv Fraser, Sian Casey, Robert Rogerson, John Pugh, Kieran Pugh, Cornel Neil, Paul Reilly and David Gates.