New squash season gets underway with a win for both teams

Allander 1st Squash Team beat Newlands 3-2 in a physical series of matches.

Phil Graves at no.5 had a tough match but just failed to take the match to the full 5 games, narrowly losing the fourth to lose 3-1.

New recruit Scott Hay won relatively easily at no. 4, winning 3-1. Jez Bushell at no.3 had a very close battle going to the full fifth game which eventually lost 12-15 to lose 3-2 overall.

Colin McGeady had a straightforward series of matches clinical winning 3-0 in his debut match, playing at no.2.

All then depended on the final match. Playing at his usual no.1 slot, Chris McGeady started strongly by narrowly winning the first game and held his nerve in the second which may prove the longest game of the season, with it finally finishing with a 22-10 win to Chris. He then lost concentration and was beaten in the third game. This left everything to fight for in the fourth and it was fought point for point. Chris’ fitness just gave him the edge and he won the game 15-13, for a 3-1 victory to clinch overall team victory 3-2.

Meanwhile the Allander 2nd Squash Team played SSRC 6th Team beating them 4-1. Hamish McKay played at no.5 and was up against a player was making his debut at 67. Apart from a few passages of play Hamish was able to win 3-0 easily.

Next on was John Millar, who was also playing a debutant - but was not as fortunate. His opponent was very fit. John tried all his tricks of mixing the play, long, short, high, low - but to little joy. Too much squash in the past few days took its toll and John succumbed 3-1.

Sajj Chaudry didn’t waste time in his game winning 3-0. Ken Findlay then had a hard hitting game with long rallies that eventually lead to a Ken winning 3-1.

Meanwhile Gregory Dudziak was then pitched against a player who had not been on court for a while, with Gregor winning 3-0.