Highland Games succes for Clydesdale Harriers

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As the track and field season comes to an end and athletes prepare for the cross country season, Clydesdale Harrier Juniors finished their season with another Highland Games success.

Athletics at these events test the athletes speed and endurance, but unlike the summer track season, the Highland Games events are run on a make shift grass track, typically uneven and usually wet.

Irrespective of conditions Clydesdale always give their best, and worked hard in all disciplines coming away with a number of individual and team successes.

Those competing were: Andrew Hunter, Darrin Dolan, Rachel Campbell, Emily Paxton David Wilson, Phil Allan, Abbie Warrington, Rachel Meehan, Lewis Hay, Liam Milligan, Cara Jordan, Chloe Allan, Grant Sloan, Kieran Goggins, Sarah Goggins, Iona Allan, Carys Wilson, Caitlin Stuart and Claire Reid. There were some very gutsy performances from the Harriers whose ages ranged from nine to eighteen.

Prizes take the form of money and medals and combined with the spirit of the athletes and the fun enjoyed by the team, the trip north was a real success.

The Scottish Junior Jumps Championship was a popular event which includes the long jump, triple jump and high jump and Clydesdale youth Andrew Hunter placed 1st, 2nd and 2nd respectively and second overall. In the 400m Youths (Girls) Emily Paxton came third while Darren Dolan placed 1st in the 400m Youths (Boys) with Phil Allan in 6th place. Both David Wilson and Cara Jordan qualified for the final in the 90m handicap. A monetary win was enjoyed by all.

The number of teams entering the Scottish Athletics Clubs Junior Relay Championship has been increasing year on year and has seen Clydesdale Harriers on the podium for the previous two years.

The popularity of the event meant that this year heats were required. Teams are made up of two boys and two girls, all of whom must be under sixteen years of age.

Clydesdale had no intention of allowing their run of success come to an end and battled it out in the heats, with two of their teams making it through to the final.

The final saw impressive performances from all involved with Clydesdale A team, Rachel Campbell, Emily Paxton, Andrew Hunter and Darren Dolan coming home in bronze medal position while Clydesdale B team, Abbie Warrington, Rachel Meehan, David Wilson and Phil Allan took sixth place.

Also this weekend, Don Valley Stadium in Sheffield played host to the UK Games international sponsored by Sainsbury.

The international saw Clydesdale youth David Campbell compete in a Scotland vest for the second time this summer and run an impressive 400m hurdles race to come home in fourth position, with the Scotland team finishing third overall.