Clydesdale Harriers in action

The weekend of January 25 had Clydesdale Harriers hosting the Dunbartonshire Cross Country Championships in Dalmuir Park.

Under 11 boys and girls were off first running approximately one mile.

Fastest Harrier was Atuart Aird (5.07), followed by Leo Currie (5.13), Daniel McKell (5.16), Andrew Donohoe (5.42), Arran Boyle (5.42), Ryan McKell (5.46), Kenzie McIntosh (6.05), Chloe McSorley (6.12), and Lia Baddgio (6.15). Stuart, Leo and Daniel were fifth team overall and Kenzie, Chloe and Lia were fourth female team.

Under 13 boys and girls were off next running approximately two miles.

Fastest Harrier was Robert Whittick (13.09 and 4th overall), Cairn Wallace (14.10), Harry Borthwick (15.11), Shaun Malone (15.12), Teigan Breen (15.20), Evan Currie (15.21), Charley Gilmartin (15.40), Anna McCracken (16.15), Aaron Bekevitz (16.25), Emma-Louise Blair (17.24), and Chloe Allan (18.28). Robert, Cairn and Harry were third team overall and Teigan, Anna and Emma-Louise were fourth female team.

Under 15 boys and girls had to run approximately three miles. Fastest Harrier was Brian Aird (21.13 and fifth overall), Lewis Hay (22.36), Calum Ross (22.45), Liam Milligan (24.58), Antonia Breen (25.45), and Joe McCready (31.26). Brian, Lewis and Calum were second team overall. Under 17 men also ran at the same time and distance and had Philip Allan finishing third in 24.00.

Senior women and over 60 men were off next. Pamela McCrossan ran approximately four miles in 25.50 and was fifth overall and first veteran over 50. Watson Jones ran 29.54 and finished as first veteran over 60.

Lastly was the senior men running approximately six miles. Fastest Harrier was Paul Carroll (30.56), followed by Iain Robertson (32.30), Kevin Farmer (33.29), Michael Diver (35.05), Paul McKendry (36.50), Tony Dolan (37.03), and Gerry Kane (40.12). Paul, Iain, Kevin and Michael finished as fourth team overall.

The previous weekend was the Scottish Athletics National Indoor Open Championships which took place at the Emirates Arena.

Under 14 Jade Milne ran the 60m Hurdles in 11.97. Under 14 Cara Jordan ran the 60m (9.29), and 200m (31.90). Under 18 Emily Paxton ran the 800m (2.31.86 4th), 400m (64.8 2nd). Under 16 Rachel Campbell ran the 300m (48.14 2nd), and Under 18 Andrew Hunter ran in the 200m (23.89 3rd).

January 5 saw Match 2 of the SAIL (Scottish Athletics Indoor League) at the Commonwealth Arena.

Under 11 boys had Harris Grant (60m 10.36), Daniel McKell (600m 2.11.5), Grant Sloan (Standing Long Jump 1.60m), Lewis Byrne (60m 12.15, 600m 2.29.2), Murray Brown (Standing Long Jump 1.28m). Under 13 Boys had Aaron Belkevitz (60m 9.69, 60mH 11.83, fourth), Kieran Goggins (60m 10.28, LJ 2.91m), Robert Whittick (800m 2.39.8 3rd, HJ 1.15m), Stuart Aird (800m 3.02.7), Jack Dolan (60mH 12.71, SP 4.59m), Cairn Wallace (200m 34.1, LJ 3.64m), Ryan McKell (200m 35.6), Zak Shannon (HJ 1.10m), Jamie Russell (SP 5.27m). Under 15 Boys had Joel Hinde (60m 8.86, 60mH 11.27 4th, LJ 3.53m), Jay O’Connor (60m 9.43, 60mH 12.72, LJ 3.53m), Stephen Kane (800m 3.00.6, 400m 77.0), Jack McCue (200m 31.7, HJ 1.25m, SP 6.55m). Under 17 Men had Andrew Hunter (60m 7.79, 200m 24.3 2nd, TJ 10.20m), Darren Dolan (60m 8.26, 400m 61.2), Lewis Hay (800m 2.24.7, 400m 58.9, HJ 1.45m), Brian Aird (800m 2.39.6), Stephen Fowler (60mH 11.82, SP 6.64m), Philip Allan (60mH 12.00, 200m 28.2, SP 5.29m), Liam Milligan (HJ 1.40m, TJ 7.81m). Under 20 men had Tony Dolan (60m 8.28, 800m 2.20.0), Tobi Akinkumni (60mH 11.16 2nd, TJ 10.18m, SP 8.37m 4th), David Campbell (200m 24.0 4th, 400m 54.5 3rd).

Under 11 girls had Hannah Jordan (60m 9.98 3rd, 600m 2.17.5), Jenny Hyde (Standing LJ 1.18m), Kenzie McIntosh (60m 11.21), Isla Haddock (Standing LJ 1.34m). Under 13 girls had Anna McCracken (60m 9.50, 200m 32.3, LJ 2.83m), Nicole Clarke (60m 9.89, 60mH 12.17, HJ 1.10m), Jade Milne (800m 3.05.4, 60mH 11.93 4th), Teigan Breen (800m 3.17.0, SP 4.89m), Emma Louise Blair (200m 35.5, LJ 2.79m), Jenna Higgins (SP 4.61m). Under 15 Girls had Rachel Meehan (60m 9.21), Chloe Allan (60m 9.45), Iona Allan (800m 2.49.4), Antonia Breen (800m 3.11.3), Cara Jordan (60mH 12.07, LJ 3.73m), Sarah Goggins (60mH 12.15, HJ 1.15m), Catriona McBean (200m 30.1, 300m 50.5), Caitlin Stuart (200m 36.0), Natasha Shaw (300m 57.3), Sian Hinde (LJ 3.06m), Carly Wishart (SP 5.38m), Penny Donaghy (SP 5.13m). Under 17 Women had Abbie Warrington (60m 9.18, HJ 1.30m, SP 5.11m), Emily Paxton (800m 2.38.4, 300m 47.9), Rachel Campbell (60mH 10.22, 200m 30.6, TJ 7.71m), Karyn Glen (60mH 12.41, HJ 1.30m, SP 6.43m). Under 20 women had Erin Ball (60m 12.40), Victoria McCue (800m 2.48.0 2nd), Claire Reid (200m 30.1, TJ 8.88m0, Louise Steele-Milne (HJ 1.30m, SP 6.11m).