Beardsen’s Douglas Park golf club looks to future

Douglas Park Golf Club junior open evening
Douglas Park Golf Club junior open evening

A Bearsden golf club has launched a new drive to encourage more youngsters to take up the sport.

Douglas Park Golf Club has secured an Awards for All grant enabling it to develop facilities and coaching available to all junior golfers.

The funding has allowed the club to purchase an indoor inflatable net, short golf equipment, sets of clubs for attendees to use and various other pieces of training and fun equipment.

The new scheme was launched at a special open evening attended by more than 40 juniors attend, along with their impressed parents.

Club professional Robert Irvine, who has been at the club for seven seasons, explained: “Douglas Park has a rich history of supporting junior golf and promoting a family atmosphere.

“We felt that with the new generation of professionals coming through the time was right to involve the parents in the coaching too, primarily to let them see how much fun the kids can have whilst also learning a host of skills which are multi-disciplinary.

“On the evening we had tug-of-war, throwing exercises and whole body warm-up exercises which the children had fun with, whilst also developing movement patterns they can use for golf and other sports.

“Of course we also had them hitting balls and using the net and targets we have invested in. The feedback from the parents has been tremendous with many commenting on the friendly welcome and also just how much fun the kids seemed to be having.

“I am fortunate in that junior convener John Telfer has been involved for 18 years and has set up a great infrastructure for the juniors. All we are trying to do is develop that and let people know about it.”

The club are promoting several packages to facilitate both adults and juniors into the game, and their 3 PGA Professionals regularly visit the local schools to introduce youngsters into the game.

Anyone who would be interested in finding out more information about the opportunities available at Douglas Park should contact Robert at