Mixed fortunes for squash stars

ALLANDER Cyan squash sides were handed contrasting results as the first team’s resounding victory was followed by defeat for the seconds.

While the first side romped to a 5-0 home win against Newlands, the second team lost 4-1 away to Whitecraigs LTC.

Both results came on the night club stalwart Norrie Aitchison was presented with an award from East Dunbartonshire Council for his contribution to sports training.

Ken Findlay kickstarted the first team’s night as he battled his left handed opponent.

Pacy serving from Ken and deep corner drives kept his match under control leading to a 3-0 win.

At 4, Donny Kneale was matched against a youthful opponent, securing a 3-1 win.

Chris McGeady started at 3 with his fast game against a wise and older left hander. He went on to secure a 3-1 victory and continue his winning streak.

Next was Gregory Dudziak. He secured an excellent 3-0 win as well as his team’s man of the match award. At 1 Phil Graves won 3-0.

It was a tough night for the Allander Cyan 2nd team.

Brian Cunnigham made a promising start but went down 3-1. Norrie MacMillan at 5 won 3-1 and was attributed with Man of the Match.

The fast court favoured Ray Small’s opponent in the position 4 match and he lost 3-1.

Hamish McKay at 2 had a marathon match, narrowly losing 3-2.

Hamish agreed with his colleague’s choice of his opponent being the home team’s Man of the Match.

Captain Ian Gault took position 1 and played well against a technically-superior opponent who was returning following a long layoff.

He was neck and neck — but his opponent always put together a three or four point mini-break, to take each of the three games needed out of Ian’s reach.