M and B swimmers’ fine medal display

A TEAM of 17 Milngavie and Bearsden swimmers stormed the Mitchell Trophy at the weekend, taking home an impressive haul of medals and personal best swims.

The impressive team performance produced a total of 71 personal best times in addition to 19 finals, 10 medals, 13 clubs and one meet record.

With six of the 10 medals between them, senior squad swimmers Calum Tait and Kirstin McKinley contributed more than their fair share to the team cause.

Gold medals for Kirstin at the front crawl 100 and 200 (meet record) and gold for Calum in the 200 breast stroke were just reward for fantastic individual performances.

Jack Thorpe, Ewan Govan and Greg Watson also joined them on the podium during the meet, taking bronze medals for their efforts over the 50, 100, 1500 freestyle and 100 breast stroke.

Amongst the younger swimmers present, Georgia Lynch and Greg Watson showed their potential by posting several top-eight finishes over an impressive range of events.

After a fantastic overall team performance, the list of medallists, finalists and record breakers was as follows; Gold — Kirstin McKinley 200fc (meet record) pb, 100fc; Calum Tait 200br pb.

Silver — Calum Tait 100br pb; Kirstin McKinley 400im pb.

Bronze — Jack Thorpe 50fc pb, 100fc pb; Ewan Govan 1500fc; Calum Tait 400im pb; Greg Watson 100br pb.

Finalists — Lauren Averell 100bc pb, 50fc pb, 100fly pb, 100fc pb; Kirstin McKinley 100bc pb 100br pb 100fly pb; Georgia Lynch 200im pb; Greg Watson 100bc pb; Calum Tait 100 fly pb.

Club records — Jack Thorpe 50 and 100fc, 16/17; Kirstin McKinley 100bc and 200fc, 16/17 and open; Lauren Averell 100fly, 16/17 and open; Paige lang 200fly 14/15; Calum Tait 100 and 200br, 16/17 and open.