Last gasp goal brings heartbreak for Baljaffray

Dumbarton U19s .............. 3

Baljaffray U19s .............. 2

In the last quarter of this intriguing game, Baljaffray went from jubilation to despair.

Trailing 1-0 thanks to a Dumbarton goal in the 26th minute, Baljaffray managed to bring the scores level – and then took the lead with two goals in the 75th and 77th minutes.

However, with just 10 minutes of the game remaining Dumbarton brought the scores level once again.

Then, in the second minute of injury time, they scored the winning goal to end Baljaffray’s unbeaten start to their League campaign.

The game began with both teams struggling to play good football in the windy conditions, but as it progressed, the play became more balanced.

Baljaffray’s defence of Lewis Gibbons, Reece Donnelly and Craig Fergusson were coping well with Dumbarton’s long ball game.

However, in the 38th minute, Dumbarton broke the deadlock with a header into the net.

The second half saw crisper play from Baljaffray with Lewis James, Jordan Lindsay and Arun Khaira playing a combination of quick one-twos.

In the 75th minute, Scott McPherson found the equaliser which filled Baljaffray with hope.

Then, almost straight from the re-start, Whittam intercepted the ball and made a run down the left wing.

His cross rebounded off the crossbar and landed to McPherson, who smashed it home to make it 2-1 to Baljaffray.

However, Dumbarton were still proving dangerous.

From a free kick, an unstoppable shot went into the top corner to bring the scores level again 2-2.

Both teams were now in search of the winning goal, and in the second minute of injury time, Dumbarton found it to clinch victory.

Report by

Daniel Whittam