It’s important to get the golfing basics right

World of Golf Clydebank. Pirie Golf feature.
World of Golf Clydebank. Pirie Golf feature.

Over the past few weeks I have been very fortunate to attend both the Ryder cup, and the Dunhill cup.

Watching some of the worlds best golfers in action at close range, is always very interesting.

World of Golf Clydebank. Pirie Golf feature.

World of Golf Clydebank. Pirie Golf feature.

They make it look so easy and effortless, yet still hit the ball prodigious distances.

So what is their secret and why are they so good?

Their basics are all excellent - grip, stance, body alignment, and posture,yet two things stand out for

They all create a perfect spinal angle at address, which they then retain throughout the entire swing. They all appear to have excellent rhythm.

If you asked me which one you should try to emulate, I would say try and create a smooth swing, with great rhythm.

If you do manage this you will certainly play more consistent golf.

If however you are a wayward hitter, then take a look at the first picture and I will show you a great drill to help solve this problem.

I have placed both hands on a large hoola hoop, and proceeded to swing to the top of my backswing.

As my arms swing around and up, the hoop remains between my right shoulder/neck. If the swing was too flat at this point the hoop would simply fall too far behind my back.

My left arm is comfortably straight, with my body nicely centered, my head is fairly still, and the hoop is not touching any point of my torso.

Now have a glance at the second picture. This time almost at the point of impact the hoop is still running between neck/shoulder if the “swing plane” was not good, it would be already over my head.

Note also how straight my left arm is with my right one still folded at the elbow joint, and the angle at the back of my right wrist still very much maintained.

If the swing becomes casty then the hoop bumps into the torso under the left shoulder. I will stop at this point as I don’t want to rehearse an open handed position through the impact area.

When you can consistently swing the hoola hoop back/through for several swings without stopping you truly know that you have a good swing plane and a good swing direction.

This will help greatly in terms of controlling your ball. Try this simple drill out, you will be pleasantly surprised just how good it is. Good luck as always

Next week: Rope drill.