Improve the strength in 
your swing

Pirie World of Golf. Clydebank.
Pirie World of Golf. Clydebank.

Here is a quick question to ponder, are you a right handed golfer that is very right side dominant?

If the answer is yes, then this article may well help you.

Pirie World of Golf. Clydebank.

Pirie World of Golf. Clydebank.

Take a look at the first picture and you will see that I have placed a small golf towel around the socket of my six iron. Then I will place it roughly one foot outside my right shoe, before dragging it along the ground towards my target.

This drill requires the towel to be pulled by the left side of the body, rather than being pushed by the dominant right side. There will be quite a lot of resistance as the towel is dragged across the carpet/floor. This is good as it makes the weaker left side do much more work than it has previously been used to.

If you are feeling especially strong, simply wet the towel slightly. This will then create even more resistance. This must be done if you are doing the drill on a wooden floor.

Now have a quick glance at the second picture. This time I have completed the short swing and as you will clearly see the towel is hanging down in line with my shoes. My left arm especially is nice and straight, no sign of any unwanted chicken wings, as the club points directly towards the target.

At this point my body weight is entirely on my left side, with my hands at the three o’clock position. My head has correctly come up to follow the ball flight, as my right shoe begins to climb up clear of the ground.

So there we are, a simple drill designed to get your weaker left side going, give it a try over the holiday period. I would like to wish all my readers a very Happy New Year. Next week: Golf ball talk.