Harriers’ runners go the distance

CLYDESDALE Harriers runners were in action mid-month in the Dunbartonshire Cross Country Relay Championships at Duchess Woods, Helensburgh.

The juniors had U11s running in a separate race.First leg runner was Nicola Shaw (9mins 15secs), changing to Caitlin Stuart (9.27), finally changing to Chloe Allan (9.38) over the 1,500m course.

Three U13/15/17 female teams and two male teams ran the 2500m course. The Female ‘A’ Team had Iona Allan running first leg (10.22), changing to Emily Paxton (10.49), finally changing to Roisin McShea (10.01), with a total time of 31mins 12secs and 11th overall.

The B team had Rachel Campbell running first (11.58), changing to Ciara Devanney (12.14), finally changing to Claire Reid (11.29), with a total time of 35.41.

The C team had Charlotte Ross running first (11.09), changing to Kathleen Ewing (12.03), finally changing to Aimee Abbott (12.51), with a total time 36.03.

Next up were the the junior boys A team. Stephen Kane ran the first leg in 11.08, changing to David Campbell (8.59), finally changing to Conor Ewing (8.03), with a total time 28.10 and fifth overall.

The B team had Brian Aird running first leg in 10.12, changing to Jack McCue (10.58), finally changing to Conner McDade (9.45), with atotal time 30.55.

Times in the senior men and women category over 4,000m each which the club fielded two female and four male teams, were as follows: Female A team Anne Murray first leg in 17mins 14sec. She also won fastest leg by a veteran, before changing to Fiona McCue (18.36), finally changing to Marina McCallum (18.33), with a total time of 54.23 and second team overall.

The B team had Christine Duncanson running first (20.53), changing to Marie Rippon (23.13), finally changing to Shirley Greig (20.14), with a total time 64.20.

The Men’s A team had Peter Bowman running first leg (14.25), changing to Michael Diver (15.39), changing to Iain Robertson (15.46), finally changing to Paul Carroll (15.58), with a total time of 61.48 and third team overall.

The B team had Kevin Farmer running first (16.26) changing to Brian Gallagher (16.53), changing to Gerry Montgomery (17.12), finally changing to Martin King (16.47), with a total time of 67.18.

The C team had Ryan Nelson running first (17.09), changing to Hugh Laverty (17.13), changing to Mark Barrow (17.55), finally changing to Bobby Young (20.13), with total time 72.28.

The final team to run, the D team was incomplete but Paul McKendry ran first (17.23), changing to Colin Gray (20.57), finally changing to Gerry Kane (20.48).