Golfing tips from David Pirie

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What is your chipping like and can you confidently expect to get up and down from just off the green - or do you simply fritter shots away from this distance?

Take a look at the first picture and you will see that I am just off the putting surface with a seven iron in hand, ready to hopefully chip, and then have just one putt.

Note how I am holding the club almost at the bottom of the handle. This gives you more control from this distance.

My feet are set slightly open and my weight is set 60/40 on my left side. It is worth mentioning that my weight will not leave my left side, remaining there throughout the entire swing.

You will see a Hoola Hoop some 15 feet away and my idea is to try and land my ball into this to allow it to release and run out to the flag at the bottom of the green.

I also have two wedges with me, with 53/58 degrees of loft. If I still aim to land the ball into the hoop, then the run out distances will vary considerably. So the clubs can vary, but the technique will remain the same - this is useful when for example the greens are soaking wet.

Now have a glance at the second picture, where you will just see the ball landing into the hoop - my swing thought was to keep my hands/wrists very firm and to think in terms of using my arms/shoulders to control the swing.

In clock face terms my swing was probably a 7-5, to help feel the distance. This helps to create a good balance and helps greatly with the distance control. So many players ask me how hard do you need to hit this shot? My reply is usually no idea, just think in terms of the clock principle, with your hands reaching the desired numbers! That is how Tour Pros think and they are usually very good at it.

So there we are, keep your weight firmly on your left side, and trust the clock principle. You will soon find that your chipping will improve, and help greatly to lower your scores.

Good luck as always.