Garscube Harriers runner on right track

Last Sunday Garscube Harriers athletes were in action at the Edinburgh Half Marathon and Marathon Festival.

Garscube man David Cambell finished the Half Marathon in a time of 1hr 32mins 31secs, Aileen Wilson finished in a new PB time of 1-35-45. Other times were: Amy Cromerty also in a new PB time of 2-02-51.

In the full Marathon race, Ross McMillan (3-30-27), Paul Coia (4-04-37), Ed McKillop (4-30-13).

Meanwhile at the Victoria Junior parkrun also on Sunday, Garscube Junior Kirsten Robertson finished in 59th position in a of 13-47).

Further afield on Sunday at the Nykredit Copenhagen Marathon, Donald McPartlin finished in 35th position with a magnificent new PB time of 2-43-36. Back on home soil in the third of the 2015 Polaroid 10k Series held at Clydebank on Thursday, May 28, 37 Garscube runners competed securing 10 new PB times. First home for the club in 7th place with a new PB time of 32-59, Del Young was 15th, Gary Mathew 34-15, 16th in a new PB time (34-15 ) Nick Heaney , 21st and 1st Junior to finish in a new PB time of (34-45) Mathew O’Brien, 30th, Alex Chalmers (35-19), 36th, Stven Currie (35-32), 37th in a new PB time of (35-34) Barry Queen, 46th and 2nd V50, Rob McLennan (35-57), 58th and 1st V40, Lesley Chisholm (36-18), 64th, Danny Burns (36-49), 74th, Simon Sheridan (37-10), 89th in a new PB time of (37-40) John Murray, 90th, Paul Elliot (37-41), 112th in a new PB time of (38-44) Duncan McKellar, 114th, Patrick Gibbons (38-57), 121st, Paul O’Brien (39-09), 134th, George Lambie (39-30), 138th in a new B time of (39-47) Nicky Parker, 162nd, Alan Wallace (40-31), 190th, Alex Parker (41-14), 195th, Aileen Wilson (42-33), 206th in a new PB time of

(42-03) Keiran McLaughlin, 209th, Paul Cooke (41-57), 221st, Marion Kelly (42-34), 166th, Craig Marsden (43-38), 286th, Stephen Wilson (44-28), 325th, Fiona Maurer (45-46), 384th, David Hamill (47-25),

408th, Morag Casey (48-24), 411th, Amy Drysdale (48-09), 437th in a new PB time of (49-36) Alison Condie, 476th, Frank Krievs (49-42), 482nd in new PB time of (50-42) Lynette Harkins, 507th, Mary Cox (52-21),

576th, Heather McKillop (55-34), 649th, Raghbir Sing (61-22), 653rd, Carol McLay (63-03).

Earlier last month at the Kirkcubright Academy Half Marathon on Saturday, May 23, Garscube man

Alex Chalmers finished in 2nd place overall and first mature veteran, retaining the Vets trophy for the third year in succession in a time of (1-19-31).

At the Mull Of Kintyre Half Marathon and 10k races the following day Garscube man Ian Thomson finished the half marathon in 15th position in a time of 1-28-26. A total of 265 runners finished the race. While in the 10k race, John Dryden finished in 126th position in a time of (52-14). Daughter Jenny finished in 148th position in a time of 53-48mins/secs. A total of 523 runners finished the race.