Garscube Harriers in action

The British Athletics Inter Counties Cross Country Championships and Cross Challenge Final took place at Crofton Park, Birmingham on Saturday 8.

Garscube Harriers’ Catriona Graves finished in 13th position and 1st Scotland West runner during the U 17 Womans race run over 5k in a time of,20-30.Scotland West finished 8th in the team race 260 runners finished the race.

Closer to home on Saturday, six Harriers took part in The Jack Crawford Memorial 10 k at Bishopbriggs first home was Alex Chisholm in 19th position in a time of 38-35, Laura Devine finished 2nd Woman in 39th position in a time of (41-30), 78th Keiran McLaughlin (45-31), 82nd David Esler (45-57) 95th Steven Wilson (47-03), 110th Tony Hall (48-43).

A special thanks must go to the race organisers and the police after the route had to be altered at the last minute due to flooding on the canal path ways 196 runners completed the race.

A Garscube club record number of 36 Athletes completed the Balloch to Clydebank Half Marathon on Sunday, March 9.

In 6th was position Chris Devine,( 01-14-42) 11th Euan Geddes,(01-15-19) 16th Nick Heany, (01-17-21) 25th Seven Porteous,(01-18-45) 28th Malcom Sheppard, (01-19-06) 34th John McManus, (01-21-36) 37th Athole Smith, (01-22-00) 61st Katie White, (01-25-00) 62nd Barry Queen, (01-25-07) 76th George Lambie (01-27-32) 79th Duncan McKellar, (01-27-43) 132nd Nicola Adams-Henry, (01-33-39) 150th Nicky Parker, (01-35-44) 152nd Marion Kelly, (01-35-59) 232nd Chloe McAdam, (01-42-45) 240th Craig Brown, (01-43-31) 246th Ronald Dickinson, (01-43-55) 267th Ian Peers, (01-45-33) 270th Theresa Milne, (01-45-48) 275th David Hamil, (01-46-01) 289th Fiona Maurer, (01-47-12) 301st Irene Vezza, (01-48-42) 303rd Tariq Abdulah, (01-48-59) 311th Morag Casey, (01-49-25) 316th Joanne Robertson, (01-50-01) 322nd Ann Clanachan, (01-50-19) 335th Frank Kriaves, (01-52-18) 357th Nicola McCormack, (01-52-24) 338th Isobel Martin, (01-52-24)339th Peter Dow, (01-52-26) 350th Lynette Harkins, (01-53-58) 393rd Beverly Chalmers, (02-01-56) 399th Raghbir Sing, (02-03-41) 406th Maria Lafferty, (02-05-30) 408th Caroline Dow, (02-05-55) 434th Joan Morris, (02-32-46). Congratulations to everyone who achieved new PBs.