Garscube athletes personal bests at Polaroid 10k

A total of 39 Garscube Harriers athletes took part in the second of the 2015 Polaroid 10k series last Thursday in Dumbarton.

It turned out to be the most sucessful race in the club’s history with the club securing a third in the Mens team competition, three first places in their respective age categories, 1 Sesond place in an age category and 17 new personal best (pb) times.

First home for the club in 10th position in a new PB time of (33-18) was Garry Mathew, 15th, Del Young in a new PB time of (33-35), 22nd, Howard Smith (34-24), Garry, Del and Howard won 3rd place in the team event.

In 32nd position, 1st junior to finish and in a new PB time of (35-20) was Mathew O’Brien, 34th, Alex Chalmers (35-34), 36th and 1st V50 also in a new PB time of (35-37) Rob McLennan, 45th, 2nd Woman to finish and 1st V40 again in a PB time of (35-57) was Lesley Chisholm, 49th, Barry Queen in a PB time of (36-03), 71st, David Dickson in a PB time of (36-53), 77th, Danny Burns in a PB time of (37-18), 94th, Paul Elliot in a PB time of (37-53), 97th, John Murray in a PB time of (37-59), 107th, Duncan McKellar in a PB time of (38-19), 117, Patrick Gibbons in a PB time of (38-50), 139th, Paul O’Brien (39-32), 159th, Nicky Parker in a PB time of (40-00), 165th, John McLaughlin (39-59), 190th, Alan Wallace (40-58), 193rd and 2nd V60, Norman Baillie (40-59),204th, Ross McMillan (41-21), 218th, Keiran McLaughlin (41-28), 238th, Marion Kelly (42-41), 263, Aileen Wilson (42-53), 282nd, Stephan Kuhr in a PB time of (43-29), 331st, Craig Marsden (44-47), 352nd, Chris Kilshaw (45-43), 356th, Fiona Maurer (45-55), 380th, Peter Dow, (46-16), 381st, Matha Lovatt (46-16), 403rd, David Hamill (47-36), 433rd, Irene Vezza (48-27), 438th, Morag Casey (48-25), 442nd, Frank Krievs (48-50), 457th, Amy Drysdale in a PB time of (49-13), 576th, Caroline Dow (53-13), 588th, Amy Cromarty in a PB time of (54-14), 605th, Heather McKillop (55-14), 635th, Derek Buchanan in a Pb time of (56-20), 694th, Raghbir Sing (63-15). A total of 744 runners finished the race.

Meanwhile on the same day at the Garscube Harriers Primary School Foodbank race, 113 children from Caldercuilt, Parkview and St Blanes Primary School completed a 2k coarse in Maryhill Park. The Children’s food donations will go to the local Foodbank.

And at the Morrisons Great Women’s 10k race on Sunday, May 17, four Garscube woman completed the coarse. The first woman home for the club was Aileen Wilson in a time of (42-43), Martha Lovatt (45-43), Amy Cromarty (54-25), Carol McLay (62-56).