Garscube athletes on right track

To round of a brilliant eight day’s for Garscube Harriers, at the Victoria Junior Parkrun on Sunday, June 14 the race was won by Jack Trainer in a new pb time of (07-02). In second place was James Connelly (07-59). Other timea: 10th was Jack Connelly (8-49), 17th, Rory McMillan (09-36), 20th, Tom Heaney (09-57). A total of 74 juniors finished the race.

On Saturday, June 13 at the Isle of Skye Half Marathon, which started at The Fingal Centre, Garscube man John McManus finished in 13th position in a time of (01-24-49), 127th, Ann White (01-42-34). A total of 531 runners finished the race.

Again on Saturday at the inaugrual Arranman Marathon, Garscube men filled two of the first five positions, Barry Queen was 3rd in a time of (03-07-11 ) and John McLaughlin was 5th in a time of (03-14-07).

Meanwhile 29 Garscube Athletes competed in the Kirkintilloch 10k race on Thursday, June 11. The race was won by Howard Smith in a time of (33-42), 3rd, Del Young (34-16), 6th, Donald McPartlin (34-57), 9th, Garry Mathew (35-28), 10th, Alan Blair (35-32), 11th, Nick Heaney (35-35), 12th, Alex Chalmers (36-07), 22nd, Steven Currie (37-17), 23rd and 1st Junior Mathew O,Brien (37-23), 26th and 2nd V50 Rob McLennan (37-57), 28th, Simon Sheridan (38-08), 29th, Alex Chisholm (38-17), 40th, Patrick Gibbons (39-32), 41st Ian Thomson (39-43), 51st, John McLaughlin (41-00), 55th, Paul O’Brien (41-21), 58th and 1st V60 Norman Baillie (41-34), 74th, Paul Cooke (42-17), 76th, Kieran McLaughlin (42-24), 90th, Ross McMillan (43-04), 103rd and 3rd V60 Alex Parker (44-07), 132nd, Craig Marsden (45-55), 166th, Alison Wood (47-56), 177th, Stephan

Kuhr (48-57), 187th Kali Heaney (50-05), 213th, Diane Cooper (52-20), 251st, Amy Cromarty (56-25), 292nd, Gillian Maciver (65-45), 294th, Gail Thomson (67-14).

Also on Thursday at the Rouken Glen 10k race, Garscube man Craig Brown finished in 69th position in a time of (43-35), 128th Martha Lovatt (48-49). A total of 322 runners finished the race.

On Saturday, June 6 there was a clean sweep and new corse record for Garscube men at the Killearn 10k

Trail race. Run in truly atrocious weather conditions, the race was won in a new record time of (34-58) by Del Young, 2nd and last years winner, Garry Mathew (36-14), 3rd, Marco Consani (36-31), 9th, Steven Currie (38-08), 22nd, Paul Cooke (43-01), 27th and 1st V65, Norman Baillie (43-32), 43rd, Debbie Martin-Consni (45-42), 96th, Jennifer Duru (52-41).