Who is the most card-happy referee in Scotland?

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Every football fan thinks the referee has it in for their team, but statistically, which of the men in black has proved most likely to reach for his pocket during a match this season?

Craig Thomson, whose statistics include games in the Scottish Premiership, the Champions League and Euro qualifiers, produced the highest number of cards per game, averaging five per appearance. So far this season, he has produced 57 yellow and three red cards.

Nick Walsh comes in second, having averaged 4.6 cards per game. Walsh has produced more red cards than any other referee this season, sending off six players during his ten games in charge – more than one every second match.

Statistically least likely to reach for his black book this season is Don Robertson, who has issued 19 yellow and two red cards across ten matches, an average of 2.1 cards per game.

Full statistics are available at http://www.soccerbase.com/referees