Every single movement for perfect impact

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Its all about impact, that is the opinion of top coach Andrew Rice, the author of the book with that title.

He reckons every single movement that you make during the set up, the backswing and the downswing, is geared to creating the perfect impact position.

Take a look at the first picture, you will see that I have posed the correct impact position to make it more visual.

I am holding an alignment rod onto the grip of my seven iron with my Mizuno headcover sticking out at the top end.

If my body was at 12 o’clock, then the rod and club shaft is running up towards the 1pm time slot at the point of impact.

Note my hands are slightly ahead of the club face, with almost a Y-position created.

My left hand/arm is firm and straight, with my left side clearing nicely out of the way. At this point my body weight is set roughly 80-20 on my left side.

Note also how my head has remained behind the ball at the moment of truth. Some golfers wrongly believe that their address position is identical to their impact one, as you will gather this is not the case.

My right heel is just beginning to rise up off the ground, in response to the unwinding motion of my entire left side. This impact position will also help to ensure that you strike the ball then the turf.

Now have a quick glance at the second picture. This time you will see that I have just struck the ball with my diver.

This down the line view shows my hips/shoulders opening to correctly create the space required to allow the arms and club to accelerate through the impact area, and on up into a full follow through.

Both arms are fully extended at this stage of the swing as my ball starts off slightly to the right, then correctly begins to draw back towards my intended target.

It is always a good idea when trying to produce a draw shape to think in terms of swinging out towards the one o’clock slot.

This will normally mean a swing path of around four degrees positive, and when the face is say 2 degrees open, you will have the recipe for a lovely draw shot. If, however, the face is square then your ball will hook away to the left.

Good luck as always. Next week: Tennis ball re visited.