Country country success for Clydesdale Harriers

Clydesdale Harriers athletes were involved in two races last weekend.

The first was the Dunbartonshire AAA Cross Country Relays which took place this year at Duchess Woods in Helensburgh.

First off were the Under 11 Girls and Boys who were all running approximately 2k. Fastest harrier was Hannah Jordan (7.33), followed by Jacob Thomson (8.02), Kenzie MacIntosh (8.06), Bradley McPherson (8.10), Maria Threwell (8.37), Polly Anderson (9.21), Lewis Byrne (9.29), Brogan Sutcliffe (9.34), Heather McDaid (9.35), and Declan Breen (11.06).

Next off were the Young Males and Females also running approximately 2k. The males had three complete teams and the females had three full teams and one incomplete team. The Young Males team ‘A’ had Robert Whittick running first (8.48), changing to Cairn Wallace (9.27), and finally changing to

Brian Aird (8.24) to finish as 5th to Stephen Kane (11.00), changing to Lewis Hay (10.22). Team ‘C’ had Jack McPherson running first (9.50), changing to JJ Hendrick (9.57), changing to Phil Allan (9.26).

The Young Females team ‘A’ had Jade Milne running first (10.18), changing to Iona Allan (9.42 and fastest Under 15 lap prize winner), changing to Emily Paxton (10.37). Team ‘B’ had Tiegan Breen (10.57), changing to Antonia Breen (11.46), changing to Rachel Campbell (14.37). Team ‘C’ had Rhianna McQuill running first (11.17), changing to Anna McCracken (11.18), changing to Natasha Shaw (11.11). Incomplete team ‘D’ had Lauren Fox running 13.02.

Finally the Senior Men and Women ran together running a total of 4k. The Men had 2 teams and the Women had 1 team. The Mens team ‘A’ had Paul Carroll running first (15.15), changing to Tony Dolan (16.33), changing to John Fox (15.41), changing to David Brown (15.54) and finishing as 8th male team. Team ‘B’ had Ryan Nelson running first (18.04), changing to Dewar Stewart (18.41), changing to Paul McKendry (17.33), changing to Hugh Laverty (18.06) and finishing as 13th The Senior Women had Pamela McCrossan running first (18.12), changing to Marina McCallum (18.51), changing to Anne Murray (17.48) and finishing as 6th.

The next day in atrocious conditions was the Antonine Trail Race of 13.8 miles in distance which started and finished in Croy over testing terrain but with some stunning views from the high points.

Fastest harrier was John Fox (1.45.25), followed by Martin King (1.51.16), Anne Murray (1.54.33