Clydesdale vet wins

Clydesdale harriers
Clydesdale harriers

A NUMBER of Clydesdale Harriers athletes took part in the Stonehaven Half Marathon and the Barrathon (Barra Half Marathon) recently.

At Stonehaven, in hot conditions, Donald Cameron ran exceptionally well over the hilly course to finish 12th overall and won first veteran over 35 in a time of 1.24.13, followed by Stuart Allison (1.35.00), Marina McCallum (1.37.24 and fourth female), and Christine Duncanson (1.48.38).

At Barra Gerry Montgomery finished 9th overall as 2nd veteran over 50 in a time of 1.25.26.

A number of young athletes were also in action in the Young Athletes League (YAL) at Wishaw. Under 17 Woman Claire Reid ran in the 300m Hurdles (58.4), 80m Hurdles (18.6), and 300m (49.3). Under 15 Girls had L. Butler running in the 100m (13.8), 200m (28.5), and Javelin (9.34m). E. Paxton ran in the 100m (14.8) and 1500m (5.47.8). Roisin McShea ran in the 800m (2.34.0) and 200m (31.2).

Kirsty Alexander ran in the 800m (3.17.0), 75m Hurdles (20.6), and Long Jump (3.87m). E. Patterson ran in the 75m Hurdles (16.4), Javelin (14.59m), High Jump (1.25m). M. Robertson ran in the 1500m (5.35.6), and Long Jump (3.32m). Under 13 Girls had K. McGregor running the 75m Hurdles (10.7), 150m (20.9), and Shot Putt (7.38m). A. Abbott ran the 75m (13.9), and Shot Putt (3.65m). M. Robinson ran in the 800m (2.54.0), and 70m Hurdles (15.8). Jenny Kerr ran the 800m (3.23.7). Rachel Campbell ran in the 70m Hurdles (16.4), and 150m (23.0). M. Patterson ran in the 1200m (4.20.6), and Long Jump (3.4m). M. Joseph ran the 1200m (4.23.0) and Long Jump (3.15m). The Under 13 4x100m Relays had us in 5th overall (74.1), and the Under 15 4x100m had us 3rd overall (60.0).

Under 17 Men Tony Dolan ran in the 400m Hurdles (76.3), 800m (2.32.5), and 200m (30.0). Connor Ewing ran the 100m (14.1), 1500m (4.43.5 and 2nd placed), and long Jump (3.24m). L. Wood threw the Shot Putt (8.59m), Javelin (20.17m), and Long Jump (2.55m). Under 15 Boys had Andy Hunter running in the 200m (25.3 and 1st place), 100m (12.3), and Shot Putt (6.74m). F. Ritchie ran in the 100m (13.7), 1500m (4.44.4 and 2nd place), and Javelin (12.42m – 2nd). C. Kane ran the 800m (3.09.9), 200m (33.5), and Shot Putt (5.04m). David Campbell ran in the 80m hurdles (13.2), 400m (58.7 and 1st place), Javelin (14.4m). Under 13 Boys had K. Higgins running in the 100m (15.5), 200m (31.3), and Shot Putt (5.61m). C. Butler ran in the 100m (15.2), 75m Hurdles (17.4), and 200m (32.4). C. Caskie ran in the 800m (2.47.0), Shot Putt (5.53m and 1st place), and Long Jump (3.15m). Lewis hay ran the 800m (2.54.1), and 75m hurdles (17.3). Stephen Kane ran the 1500m (6.03.2), and Long Jump (2.66m). The Under 13 4x100m had us 3rd (63.4), and the Under 15 4x100 Relays had us also 3rd overall (53.6).

HOT WORK . . . Stuart Allison and Marina McCallum running the Stonehaven half Marathon in very hot conditions.