Clydesdale Harriers limber-up at start of cross country season

Clydesdale Harriers’members were out in force at Birkmyre Park, Kilmacolm for the West Districts Cross Country Relay Championships.

The event is the first championship of the new season and first off for the club was the young females running approximately 2k. There were three teams taking part, one of which was incomplete.

Tiegan Breen ran first for ‘A’ (11.01), changing to Iona Allan (10.26), then changing to Emily Paxton (11.05) and finishing as 31st team. Team ‘B’ had Jade Milne running first (10.48), changing to Natalie Shaw (11.52), finally changing to Charlotte Ross (10.42) and finishing as 38th team. Incomplete ‘C’ team had Anna McCracken running first (11.25), changing to Antonia Breen (11.07).

Next off were the young males who had three teams. Team ‘A’ had Jack Dolan running first (9.45), changing to Robert Whittick (9.29), and finally changing to Brian Aird (8.48) and finishing as 29th team.

Team ‘B’ had Stuart Aird running first (10.47), changing to Ronan Ross (10.43), and finally changing to Philip Allan (9.42) and finishing as 44th team. Team ‘C’ had Cairn Wallace running first (10.24), changing to Stephen Kane (11.12), and finally changing to Darren Dolan (9.57) and finishing as 47th team.

The senior women were off next running 4k. We had an incomplete team which had Marina McCallum running first (17.00), then changing to Anne Murray (16.13).

Finally the senior men ran also running 4k. There were four teams, one of which was incomplete. Team ‘A’ had James Austin running first (14.21), changing to Kevin Farmer (14.43), changing to Robert O’Neill (14.00), and finally changing to Paul Carroll (13.45) and finishing as 21st team. Team ‘B’ had Ryan Nelson (15.35), changing to David Brown (14.09), changing to Alan Dick (15.56), and finally changing to Ryan Savage (14.43) and finishing as 29th team. Team ‘C’ had Tony Dolan running first (14.30), changing to Paul McKendry (16.07), changing to Dewar Stewart (16.48), and finally changing to Bobby Young (16.53) and finishing as 37th team. Incomplete Team ‘D’ had Watson Jones running first (18.09), and changing to Peter Rudzinski (18.34).