Clydesdale Harriers in action at The West District Championships

A number of Clydesdale Harrier athletes were in action last Saturday in the first race in the cross country season - The West District Cross Country Relays.

Stages at Hamilton Park Racecourse the route was fast and gently undulating. First off was the Young Females running 2500m. Four teams competed. The ‘A’ team had Natasha Shaw running first (11.58), changing to Iona Allan (10.59), changing to Emily Paxton (10.56). Total time 33.53 and 37th overall. ‘B’ team had Jade Steele-Milne running first (11.14), changing to Tiegan Breen (10.51), changing to Antonia Breen (11.38). Total time 33.43 and 35th overall. ‘C’ team had Caitlin Stuart running first (12.29), changing to Rachel Campbell (12.37), changing to Abbie Warrington (11.42). Total time 36.48 and 51st overall. ‘D’ team had Chloe Allan running first (12.29), changing to Rachel Meehan (14.28), changing to Louise Steele-Milne (13.07). Total time 40.04 and 53rd overall.

Next off was the Young Males also running 2500m. Five teams took part. The ‘A’ team had Ronan Ross running first (10.07), changing to Brian Aird (9.26), changing to Darren Dolan (10.08). Total time 29.41 and 37th overall. ‘B’ team had Cairn Wallace running first (11.01), changing to Lewis Hay (9.29), changing to Philip Allan (10.18). Total time 30.48 and 43rd overall. ‘C’ team had Jack Dolan running first (11.55), changing to Jack McCue (10.02), changing to Lewis Brown (11.59). Total time 33.56 and 50th overall. ‘D’ team had Luke Lindup running first (11.36), changing to Lewis Priest (9.04), changing to Liam Mulligan (10.17). Total time 30.57 and 44th overall. ‘E’ team had Thomas Hearns running first (11.18), changing to Kieran Goggins (11.54), changing to Stephen Kane (12.32). Total time 35.44 and 52nd overall.

Next up were the Senior/Junior/Masters Women, who were running 4000m. Two team competed in this category. The ‘A’ team had Pamela McCrossan running first (16.27), changing to Anne Murray (17.19), changing to Marina McCallum (17.19). Total time 51.05 and 12th overall. They were also 2nd Masters team which won them a silver medal in the Masters Team competition. ‘B’ Team had Claire Reid running first (19.35), changing to Christine Duncanson (19.35), changing to Shirley Greig (18.31). Total time 57.41 and 27th overall.

Finally it was the turn of the Senior/Junior/Masters Men who were also running 4000m. We had two complete and one incomplete team. ‘A’ team had Iain Robertson running first (14.17), changing to Gerry Montgomery (15.43), changing to Paul Carroll (14.02), changing to Hugh Laverty (15.37). Total time 59.39 and 35th overall. ‘B’ team had Dewar Stewart running first (17.13), changing to Ryan Nelson (16.39), changing to Gerry Kane (18.07), changing to Bobby Young (17.55). Total time 69.54 and 56th overall. ‘C’ team had Brian Campbell running first (18.23), changing to Watson Jones (18.39), changing to Peter Rudzinski (18.55).