Clydesdale Harrier sets a new personal best in Dublin competition

CLYDESDALE HarRIERS have had a busy few weeks of competitions recently.

Last weekend was the British and Irish Masters International Cross Country Championships at Stormont, Belfast - results from this will be available soon.

On Monday, October 29 there was the Dublin marathon where Robert O’Neill ran a personal best time over the undulating course to finish in 2h 58m 20s.

The National Cross Country Relay Championships took place in Cumbernauld two days earlier.

First off were the Young Females running 2500m.

Harriers had four complete teams competing. ‘A’ Team had Under 13 Iona Allan running first in 12.12, changing to Under 15 Emily Paxton (12.08), finally changing to Under 15 Charlotte Ross (12.40) to finish as 36th team overall.

‘B’ Team had U13 Sarah Goggins running first in 13.19, changing to U13 Natasha Shaw (14.01), finally changing to U17 Corrie Haran (14.02).

‘C’ Team had U13 Chloe Allan running first in 13.56, changing to U15 Karyn Glen (16.56), finally changing to U17 Erin Ball (16.17).

‘D’ Team had U13 Caitlin Stewart running first in 15.12, changing to U13 Aimee Abbott (15.25), finally changing to U17 Louise Steele-Milne (16.14).

Next off were the Young Males also running 2500m.

Harriers had three teams, one which was incomplete. ‘A’ Team had U13 Lewis Priest running first in 10.33, changing to U15 Brian Aird (11.04), finally changing to U15 Philip Allan (11.33), finishing as 66th team overall.

‘B’ Team had U13 Ronan Ross running first in 12.00, changing to U15 Darren Dolan (11.49), finally changing to U15 Lewis Hay (11.20).

Incomplete ‘C’ Team had U13 Aaron Smith running first in 12.51, changing to U13 Stephen Kane (12.57).

Next off were the Senior/Junior Women running 4000m.

Harriers had one team with Pamela McCrossan running first in 17.58, changing to Yvonne Green (19.27), finally changing to Marina McCallum (19.14), finishing as 28th team overall.

Lastly were the Senior/Junior Men also running 4000m. #

Harriers had three teams, one which was incomplete. ‘A’ Team had Peter Bowman running first in 14.08, changing to Paul Carroll (15.09), changing to Gerry Montgomery (17.08), finally changing to Kevin Farmer (17.06), finishing as 50th team overall.

‘B’ Team had Ryan Nelson running first in 16.46, changing to Gus Cairney (17.47), changing to Paul McKendry (19.01), finally changing to Hugh Laverty (17.08).

Incomplete ‘C’ Team had Gerry Kane running first in 19.01, changing to Watson Jones (20.52), changing to Colin Gray (21.43).

Next races for the Harriers include the Dunbartonshire AAA Cross Country Championships at Maryhill Park (November 24), The Hannah Cup at Dalmuir Park (December 1) and the West Districts Cross Country Championships at Inverclyde (December 8).

Information on the club can be found on the website