Clydesdale Harrier race action

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THE weekend of the 22nd was the National Cross Country Relays in Cumbernauld.

This also incorporated the National Masters Relays comprising teams over the age of 40 and Clydesdale Harriers had no less than four junior teams and five senior teams taking part.

The Young Females, pictured, ran the 2500m. ‘A’ Team consisted of Iona Allan running first leg (12.52), changing to Emily Paxton (12.46), to Roisin McShea (12.32). They finished 31st with a total time of 38.10. ‘B’ Team had Charlotte Ross running first leg (13.34), changing to Erin Ball (13.38). ‘C’ Team had Aimee Abbott off first (15.03), changing to Rachel Campbell (15.34).

Young Males had one team consisting of Stephen Kane (13.10), changing to David Campbell (11.14), finally changing to Conner McDade (11.46), finishing 61st in 36.10.

Next was the Senior/Junior Women running 4000m. ‘A’ Team had Yvonne Green running first leg (20.39), changing to Anne Murray (17.59), then Marina McCallum (18.57).

They finished 42nd and as 5th Masters Team in 57.35. ‘B’ Team had Christine Duncanson running first leg (21.35), changing to Marie Rippon (23.56), finally changing to Shirley Greig (20.46).

The Senior/Junior Men ran 4000m. ‘A’ Team had Michael Diver running first leg (16.08), Iain Robertson (16.47), changing to Paul Carroll (16.15), to Kevin Farmer (16.54) with a total time of 66.04. ‘B’ Team had Colin Gray running first (21.14), changing to Ryan Nelson (17.47), changing to Mark Barrow (18.56), finally changing to Bobby Young (20.15) with total time 78.12. The ‘C’ Team had Pete Cartwright running first (18.17), changing to Watson Jones (20.42).