richard barclay boxer
richard barclay boxer

BOXER Richard Barclay is confident of gaining victory on Friday night when he squares up to Robert Deacon at Glasgow’s Kelvin Hall.

The featherweight fighter said he is ‘as ready as he’ll ever be’ after months of training for the encounter against his opponent from Crawley.

The Milngavie fighter told Herald Sport this week: “My training is going well and I feel particularly good as I’ve been boxing against people a lot heavier than me and doing well against them. I feel strong and fit.”

The former Douglas Academy pupil, who is sponsored by Legions Gym in Govan where he has been training recently, is keen to get a couple of wins under his belt, so that he can have another jab at the Scottish Super Featherweight title in September. Last year he lost on points in a fight he felt he should have won.

Asked if he was nervous about Friday’s fight, Richard said: “I don’t really get nervous before a fight, but saying that I don’t sleep very much the night before a big fight.”

A confident Richard (23) added: “There is not much that can unsettle me. I’m just going to go for it.”

In the run up to the fight Richard sparred with David Savage, who is also on the fights bill but in the super bantamweight category.

Richard said: “David is a fighter with a lot of experience and it was good to spar with him.”

As well as sparring, Richard has increased his running from three miles a day to seven, five days a week.

One of his coaches, Chris Adam, added: “it should be a testing fight which Richard can learn from and it is one he should win.

“He has worked hard for this and is one of those very efficient fighters who doesn’t waste much energy. When he punches someone he makes it count.”

Topping the bill in a British Masters Light-Middleweight Championship fight is Paisley’s Kris Carslaw who takes on Birmingham’s Dee Mitchell.