Black belt success for Bearsden Tae Kwon-do students

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Bearsden martial arts club XS Tae Kwon-do was celebrating this week after a group of students achieved black belt successes recently.

Promoted to back belts were Jack Hanley, Zak Mason, Michael Dunn and Daniel McGuiness. Jack was also awarded awarded Student of the Grading having achieved the highest points overall.

The following Black Belt students were promoted: Dionne Clark, Greg Kettle, Iona Masterton and Andrew Macrae who are now all 1st Degree 1st star; David Macleod, Paul Orr, Adam Sugden, all 2nd Degrees; Paul Clark, 2nd Degree, 1st star; Jean Cameron, 2½ Degree and Jamie Baguley, 3rd Degree.

All the students were competing in the GTUK National Black Belt Gradings.

Head instructor and 5th Degree International instructor, Marie McAneny, who has run the class in Kessington Hall for the past 14 years, said: “After years of training, dedication and commitment the students were ready for the test to evaluate if they were ready to travel on their new path of learning.

“The high standard was noted by the examiners and they are a real credit to the club.”

The participants were honoured by the presence of Grand Master Oldham (IXth Degree) who personally presented the certificates to all the students.

For more information on the XS clubs contact Marie on 07770210705 or or Facebook Xs tkd.