Barclay is banking on success in Scottish title fight

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Milngavie boxer Richard Barclay has been given a confidence boost ahead of a tough Scottish title fight next month in Paisley.

Following the lightweight’s most recent win at Glasgow’s Raddison Blu Hotel against Birmingham’s Sid Razak, Barclay was voted boxer of the month by St Andrew’s Sporting Club.

Barclay said: “It was something I did not expect, but is a real confidence booster as I have a tough title fight in January against Cambuslang’s Jordan McCorry. We are both fighting for the title as it is vacant at the moment but I know it will be a tough one.”

Barclay’s previous fight was over six two minute rounds, but when he faces McCorry it will be 10 rounds.

Barclay’s coach Kris McAdam said: “Richard was given the boxer of the month because he boxed extremely well. His technique is very energy efficient and I would say 95 per cent of his punches land on target.”

And commenting on his title fight in January, McAdam said: “Richard will be ready for McCorry and we are expecting it to be quite a fight.

“It’s going to be a war of attrition. McCorry is a hardy boy who comes from good stock, but Richard will be ready for him.

“It wont be over in the first couple of rounds, but more likely to be a real head to head.”