Allander Cyan Squash team more than a match for Western

Allander Cyan beat Western 5-0 to get some revenge for the narrow victory Western inflicted on them the last time they met.

Fortunately the home side were fielding a weaker side and Allander were at full strength.

First on was Jeremy Bushell at no, 2 who seemed to be well on track after winning the first game. The match then fluctuated with each player taking alternate games, leaving the score set nervously at 2-2. Despite never exhibiting his usual sharp, incisive execution, Jeremy stood the pressure and won the last game relatively easily, to win 3-2.

Gregory Dudziak completed a simple 3-0 at number 5, assisted by the fact his opponent had been injured earlier.

Phil Graves at number four had a relatively easy 3-0 win. Steady pressure and limited errors won out against an erratic opponent.

Chris McGeady at number 1 was up against another youngster. Each game was close but Chris kept his cool and crept ahead a couple of points towards the end of each game to win a tense match 3-0.

Last on was Stuart Harvey at number 3, against a powerful hitter well know to him.

The Western man battered the ball very hard around the court and Stuart lost the first game. But he came back to slowly bring the initiative back to him, and grind out a 3-1 victory.

The final score meant Allander leapfrogged Western in the table with a fighting chance of staying in division 3 assuming at least one decent win can be secured from the last three matches.