Allander Cyan squash team head up a division after topping league

This last match of the season was a mere formality as Allander had already secured promotion with a win the previous week.

However it was nice to finish on a positive note with the team winning 5-0 away to Giffnock.

They will now move up to the Mcbeath Technology Division Three League.

Success this season has rested on consistent performances from the top three or four team members, who, despite a variety of aches and pains during the year have managed to make an appearance on court every week without fail.

A full squad travelled to Giffnock determined to finish on a high note.

The match went according to form with Phil Graves at number 4 and Jaco Ferreira at 5 winning on adjacent courts in short order.

Phil carelessly lost one game to win 3-1, but Jaco won in straight sets 3-0. This pattern was repeated by Jeremy Bushell at 3, Stewart Harvey at 2 and Chris McGeady at number 1 with only one game lost between them to give them a clean sheet of five games for the team overall and a full 18 points.

This left them standing top of the league with 341 points, a clear 24 points ahead of the nearest team.

Team captain Phil Graves, summing up the season, said: “There was a great effort by the youngsters in the team and we’ve a good chance of prospering in division 3 as these guys are still improving.”

And he added with a smile, “Even the couple of over 50s have a bit of life left in them! I’m alone in the team in remembering the last time we were in division 3 – back in the last century I believe.”