Allander Cyan squash team go top of the league after beating rivals

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Allander Cyan Mens Squash Team played Strathgryffe 3 last week, beating them 5-0.

The win puts the team top of the Macbean Technology Fourth Division in what was a crucial match against a strong opposition.

Chris McGready at number one string was up against a young opponent and took the first two games. Despite a brief loss of concentration, Chris deservedly won 3:1.

Jeremy Bushell at number four had far less trouble and cruised quickly to a 3:0 victory.

Meanwhile Phil Graves at three seemed to be struggling. The final score line of a 3:0 victory rather flattered a below-par performance.

Gregory Dudziak had the toughest test of the night. Sinking to a 2:1 deficit he dug in hard, crawling back to 2:2 and went on to win the last game.

Finally Stuart Harvey found himself struggling but he managed to win all three games.

The previous week Allander had a home game against Ayr Citadel 2 and beat them 2-1.

This match was a postponed game from before Christmas and it was made easier as their opponent could only field a team of three players.

Under the rules only one of these players needed to be beaten for victory to go to Allander as the opposition automatically lost the games they could not play.

This was duly accomplished by Phil Graves. Playing at number 3 for Allander Cyan, he struggled at times with a ball deadened by the cold, but showed enough speed to offset this, and chasing around a slow opponent he soon won 3:1.

Stuart Harvey had a relatively straightforward win at number 2, winning 3:0.

Chris McGeady at number one was having a much tougher test against a player more used to playing in the top leagues.

He put on a determined show, gaining a 2:1 lead but eventually suffering a rare defeat, losing the last 2 games.