Your views on Scottish referendum

With the referendum vote only weeks away, and the opinion polls showing a narrowing of the vote between the Yes and No camps, Herald reporter Julian Hearne went out onto the streets of Milngavie to gauge the opinions of the men and women on the street.

The Herald asked people if they will be voting in the referendum, whether people felt it was an important vote on September 18 and what they felt were the most important issues affecting the country that the independence debate has thrown-up.

Susan Balfour from Milngavie said she would definitely be voting and felt it was one of the most import votes anyone would ever have.

On the issues she said: “For me it is the economy and the pound. This issue has not been addressed by Alex Salmond. I am going to vote no because I have not been convinced by the Yes campaign’s arguments.”

Eileen Lindsay, a retired head teacher from Kippin, who lives in Blanefield, also agreed that it was crucial we all use the vote.

She said: “I have concerns about the economy under independence. Also I think the general level of security will not be as good under independence. As you grow older I think you are less likely to want change.”

Barbara McGhee, who is a carer and has a husband and son who are both disabled said: “Yes I will be voting in the referendum. I will be voting yes. One of the main issues for myself is welfare benefits.

“I don’t think Westminster are doing the right thing for disabled people.”

Louise Rees, a Bearsden mother with small children, said she would be voting in the referendum because she felt it is important that everyone has their say.

She said: “The way people have tackled this referendum is good because it has got people talking about the issues.

“I believe the issues are whether you believe in the union staying together or breaking up.

“The important point in this is that I don’t believe Scotland can sustain itself as an independent country and it is best to stick together because it is best long term. Also I have my children to think about.”

And Miller Watson, an engineering student also from Bearsden, said: “Yes I will be voting in the referendum. I think it is essential to vote in the referendum as it is all about the future of the country.

“The main issues for me are jobs, defence of the country, and of course the question of the currency.”

Readers can see a video of the vox pop on the Herald’s Facebook page. Just enter Milngavie and Bearsden Herald in the search bar.