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Email your opinions to mbherald@jnscotland.co.uk

From the Milngavie and Bearsden Herald, March 29, 2015

This is becoming a threat to my privacy. I am apolitical and do not need to be saturated by Jo Swinson’s views. I will make my own mind up, in relation to the election.

Her tactic of ‘throwing mud against a wall’ in the hope that some sticks is the same every election. This year it may backfire.

Hopefully, bins in her constituency will be full of her unread views. Imagine turning the tables on her by featuring ‘A day in the life of George Crosbie’ and putting it through her letter box.

George Crosbie,

Stockiemuir Avenue,


This morning I received two leaflets from political parties. The first was from the Liberal Democrats claiming that the Conservative Party will not win any seats in Scotland and one should therefore vote for the Lib Dems. This election is a national one and while the Conservatives will not do well in Scotland they are going to elect many more seats nationally, and the 400,000 Conservatives who live in Scotland should vote for the party even if the electoral arrangements do not result in seats at Westminster. The Liberal Democrats cannot dent the SNP power at this election, but it is encouraging that the SNP are showing that they are unelectable in the long run. I will now explain why.

Last week I watched the BBC party political broadcast on behalf of the SNP. There was a lot of pretty pictures of children playing and then Ms Sturgeon laid out her policies for the British election. Number one was abolition of the ‘bedroom tax’, number two was the killing of ‘Trident’ and three was the replay of the ‘referendum’. Today’s leaflet from the SNP proudly announced the best financial settlement for Scotland, how that is going to work with low oil revenues, stop the nonexistent privatisation of the NHS, oppose all austerity cuts, and remain in the EU. None of these are policies, they are aspirations.

The electorate of East Dunbartonshire should forget the posturing of parties who will not be able to form a government in Great Britain and consider the real alternatives. A Labour party which still retains many of the members who ran us into huge debt when last in power, something that the older electors will remember they have already done twice before, and the Conservatives who for all their faults know how to govern on behalf of the general public. The success of the last five years has been achieved with a lot of restrictions, but the way ahead looks better and it would be foolish to let incompetence ruin it again.

Dr J A Duncan,

Norwood Park,