Your help needed to find missing Blanefield dog

Polly is missing and her owners need your help to find her
Polly is missing and her owners need your help to find her

The owners of a black and white border collie dog called Polly, who went missing nearly a month ago, are appealing to people to help find her.

Alan and Betty Devereux from Kirkhouse Road in Blanefield are growing increasingly worried about her safety as time goes on and they are particularly anxious to find her because her companion Bea, also a border collie, is missing her terribly.

Polly (7) has always been like a mother to Bea because she has special needs. She was only expected survive for four weeks because she has a heart murmer and was brain damaged at birth.

As a result she isn’t steady on her feet and often falls down.

The couple adopted Bea, who is also seven years old, when she was a puppy as her owner was unable to sell her and had threatened to drown her.

When this came to the attention of the senior vet at First Vets in Bearsden Daria McLennan she thought Mr and Mrs Devereux would be able to give her a good home and thanks to their care and devotion she has survived far longer than was anticipated.

Mrs Devereux said: “Bea is missing Polly badly, she has been lying on the floor pining for her.

“We are having to coax her into eating.

“I’m worried that Polly’s lying somewhere injured or perhaps worse in a ditch.

“My husband, who is recovering from a serious illness, also misses her so much.

“I’ve put posters up appealing for help to find her and lots of people in the village know her anyway.

“She hasn’t been sighted here which makes me wonder if she’s further away now.”

It’s possible that Polly has gone to one her favourite walking spots such as Loch Ardinning, Mugdock or Drumclog.

If you see her please call Mr and Mrs Devereux on 01360 7700464.