Your chance to find out more about the ‘Pals Battalions’ in 1st World War

Historian Des Brogan
Historian Des Brogan

During the First World War, some of the British Expeditionary Force were the so-called ‘Pals Battalions’ - young men who enlisted on the promise that they could serve with friends, neighbours and fellow workers.

They were extraordinary models of solidarity and comradeship.

On August 4, 1914, Britain declared war on Germany, despite having only a professional army of only 100,000 men, and a call for volunteers went out.

Historian Des Brogan will be asking whether the Pals Battalions of 1914 have any relevance or meaning for today’s young people when he delivers the next in the much-acclaimed series of Thinking Allowed lectures at Cairns Church, Milngavie, on Thursday, November 6, at 7.30 for 8pm.

Mr Brogan is director of Mercat Tours International which specialises in taking school and adult groups to the trenches of The Great War, the beaches of the D-Day landings, and the concentration camps of the Holocaust. For information call 956 4868 or visit