Young author’s book is a real happy ‘tail’

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A talented young girl has become one of Scotland’s youngest published authors after winning a competition to ‘write your own book’.

Six-year-old Maia Blackie spends every Friday and Saturday with her grandmother, Kate Blackie, who lives in Bearsden.

Maia adores Kate’s dog, Rosie, a three-year-old cocker spaniel, who she has known since it was a puppy.

She gave Rosie a starring role in her book called ‘Rosie and the Bees’, which she also illustrated, and entered into the writing contest which was being run by Bobbledy Books, a publishing company inAmerica.

Maia’s story is about a swarm of angry bees that get trapped in a piggy bank.

When Maia and her pal Lily set them free they escape into the garden and land on granny’s frilly knickers on the washing line.

The sub-plot is about Rosie who follows a bee around and doesn’t heed his warnings so she eventually gets stung on the nose.

Maia’s grandad appears from his shed and explains to the girls that the bees are just looking for a new home and catches them.

When they tell him that they’d like to fly he builds them a swing.

Mrs Blackie said: “We were thrilled when we found out that she had won, beating all the American children who entered.

“It’s a really lovely, simple wee tale, full of humour and fun, as well as an environmental message.

“We are all very proud of her and over the moon that she won.”

Maia said; “It was hard work writing the book, but I enjoyed drawing the pictures. I never expected to win. When I opened the envelope and saw my book I got a big surprise. I was very happy. I got a gold award at school for winning.”

Maia’s book will now be published and sold on the Bobbledy Books website, visit

Bobbledy Books was set up by Matthew Swanson and Robbi Behr a writer/illustrator, husband/wife duo who live in Maryland, USA.