You’re hired - what the Scottish Government should be telling apprentices...

East Dunnbartonshire MP Jo Swinson is urging the Scottish Government to increase the number of apprenticeships created.

Her call for more opportunities for local young people is part of a campaign to double the 1million jobs already created in the private sector.

Jo wrote to the Scottish Government to outline the importance of ensuring young people gain the skills and experiences necessary to succeed on the job market in light of Scotland falling behind England for businesses offering apprenticeships.

She said: “Apprenticeships not only provide young people with opportunities and careers, they are also a real help to businesses who take them on.

“The number of apprenticeships in Scotland is dropping, while numbers continue to rocket in the rest of the UK.

“Scotland can’t afford to fall behind England: we must do more for the next generation of school leavers and young people looking for work if we are going to create a strong economy on a fair society.

“That is why I am organising a campaign to double the number of businesses in the UK that offer apprenticeships.

“While this challenge may seem a tall order I know East Dunbartonshire will rise to the occasion!”