Yes Campaign takes the message to East Dunbartonshire

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ross_greer_high_res cropped

THE local group for the campaign for a Yes vote in the 2014 referendum on Scottish independence plans to hold meetings in every town and village in East Dunbartonshire in coming months.

They will answers voters’ questions on the benefits of independence at meetings in Westerton Town Hall on March 23 from 11am to 1pm and Milngavie in April, details to be confirmed.

After a successful inaugural meeting in November, attended by over 50 signatories of the independence declaration, Yes East Dunbartonshire has planned a series of activities aimed at contacting every voter in the area ahead of the referendum including delivering information on independence to every household in the area.

Local campaigner, a member of the Scottish Youth Parliament and former Bearsden Academy pupil, Ross Greer, said: “The response we’ve seen so far in our short time campaigning has made it clear, people are interested in independence.

“They want to know more about why this could benefit their community and giving that information will be our priority.

“The public meetings are a big part of that.

“We’ll be demonstrating the diversity of the campaign with invited speakers not just from the SNP and Greens but Labour members campaigning for a Yes vote as well as academics, students, trade unionists, business people and those from an arts and culture background.

“Yes East Dunbartonshire will be speaking to every single voter between now and the referendum because we are a campaign firmly rooted in our communities.

“Across Scotland over 120 groups have been set up by local people passionate about winning something better for Scotland and we are just one part of this.

“Yes isn’t just about the communities we live in though.

“Grassroots groups have already been set up by women, young people and students, the LGBT community and dozens of others.

“As a local MSYP, speaking to young people is something I think is particularly important.

“We fought hard to have the voting age lowered and this is our chance to show that 16 and 17 year olds are positive members of society.”