Wrong sign has drivers in a spin

langfaulds roundabout
langfaulds roundabout

DOPEY sign writers have been told to start again after a blunder at a new roundabout in Bearsden.

Motorists negotiating the roadworks at the £445,000 Langfaulds junction were bemused to read signs telling them they were driving round the LANGFIELDS roundabout.

The signs were up for several days before the mistake was noticed - and then they were hastily covered over.

There was also anger after motorists found themselves held up in traffic queues caused by temporary traffic lights at the roundabout - despite the fact that the council had claimed it was fully operational.

One driver, who asked not to be named, said: “The area is still a building site - it is not finished. There were traffic lights on it and long queues of traffic, and you couldn’t turn left into Bearsden when approaching from Baljaffray.

“The fact that they got the name of the thing wrong maybe shows how unready they were.”

The completion of the Langfaulds Roundabout, which is designed to make roads safer by improving a dangerous junction, had already been hit by delays as contractors battled to get it ready for use by the time the schools went back.

Thomas Glen, East Dunbartonshire Council’s head of development and enterprise, said, “Langfaulds roundabout has been fully constructed and the roads have all been resurfaced.

“However, due to heavy rainfall the contractors have been unable to complete the white lining and anti-skid. Contraflows may continue to be in operation during this time to ensure public health and safety.

“It is unfortunate that this unseasonal weather has caused a delay and I would like to thank motorists for their continued patience and assure them that weather permitting the contractors will be off site.”

He added: “There has also been an error in the signage for the new roundabout and these signs will be covered up until replacement signs are in place.”