Worries after ‘glamour model’ goes after OAPs in Milngavie

A GLAMOUR model is targetting OAPs in Milngavie, hoping they can help ‘advance her lifestyle.’

Shocked residents in the Craigdhu Road area recieved a bizarre flyer through their doors this week introducing them to Elizabeth Bentley, who says she wants to “make new friends, especially friendly, kind and generous and solvent older gentlement and women (44-99 years).”

She also wants someone to buy her a swanky, half a million pound house in Milngavie.

The 27-year -old, from Bishopbriggs, insists she is doing nothing wrong - and has threatened to sue East Dunbartonshire Council after trading standards vowed to probe her activities.

However, people who received the leaflet - which also promotes her website - raised concerns.

One woman, who asked not to be named, said: “I thought it was bit of a cheek to say the least. It just seems like she is looking for someone to fund her luxurious lifestyle - it’s pretty blatant.

“She’s got a nerve and I hope trading standards do something about it quickly.”

Another said: “This is really worrying and unsettling for people. I hope no-one takes this seriously.”

Ms Bentley defended herself.

In a long letter to the council, who she has accused of persecuting her, she said: “I am neither displaying anything illegal on my leaflet nor am I doing anything illegal. And I am looking to make the right kind of friends who match my social circle and social status , and anybody I am interested to get to know privately for the purpose of a private friendship I will obviously meet and get to know, and if we become friends I will meet them maybe for decades.

“I favour the company of fun, active, well-educated and friendly older people .”

Her website contains an Amazon ‘wish list’ of gifts people can buy her, including underwear, toys for a rabbit and a £550,000 four bedroom detatched house in Milngavie.

What do you think about the leaflet? Have you come into contact with her? Call 0141 956 3533 or e-mail us at mbherald@jnscotland.co.uk