Woods talks after storm fells trees

THE owner of the storm damaged Craigton Woods in Milngavie met with local councillors and council staff last week to discuss the future of the woodland.

Keith Lawrence has already removed trees which had fallen across paths or were hanging precariously over public rights of way.

Many of them were already dead or diseased and when the recent gale force winds hit the area lots of them fell.

Vandalism has been another problem - with trees being burned at the base of their trunk making them weaker and more likely to fall.

Mr Lawrence told Kathleen McWhirter, the council’s access officer and Milngavie Councillors Eric Gotts, Jim Gibbons and Bill Binks that he’d like to ensure the woods are properly managed in the future.

He said: “The meeting was extremely constructive and all parties agreed to work together to find a sustainable and viable solution for Craigton Woods.”

Councillor Gotts said: “This was the first time that we had ever met Keith Lawrence. We all felt that it was a positive meeting and we all realise that the poor state of these well used woods must be addressed.

“The owner made a commitment that all the trees hanging over the right of way through the woods would be dealt with as a matter of urgency and I am pleased that this has now been carried out.

“He has recently carried out a tree survey and has pledged to share that report with the council so that any necessary felling could proceed.”

Councillor Jim Gibbons added: “We all agreed that the long-term remedy for saving this natural amenity is to put in place an active and viable woodland management scheme based on an agreed funding strategy.

“We will also look into the lack of drainage at the path from Falloch Road to Hunter Road.”