Woman slams council after cars crash on ‘sheet of ice’

A BEARSDEN resident has slammed East Dunbartonshire Council for ‘continually failing’ to grit a busy road near her home.

Shirley Otley (64), of Finaven Gardens, says that Grampian Way, Baljaffray, had not been gritted recently - and was turned into a ‘sheet of ice’ during a recent cold snap.

Mrs Otley, a childminder, was driving some children and her grandson to school when she saw that a few cars had come off the road after hitting the ice.

She said; “This is a bus route and has a primary school on it so why isn’t it a priority?

“The council has since claimed that it was treated but I could see with my own eyes there was no grit.

“Several cars had crashed, one had slid on to the pavement and a few had been abandoned on the grass.

“We also struggled to walk down a footpath near the school as it was like a skating rink.

“The council never grits Grampian Way - I don’t know why, they had plenty of warning that it was going to be icy.

“Baljaffray Road is always gritted. The council never does anything about this - it’s an accident waiting to happen.”

Keith Scrimgeour, roads and neighbourhood services manager at East Dunbartonshire Council, said: “Grampian Way and the main pathway through the Baljaffray estate are included in the council’s primary gritting routes for carriageways and footways and are gritted in accordance with the winter maintenance policy.

“Unfortunately that week we have experienced some localised problems of freezing rain which can result in salt being washed off the roads and footpaths which have already been gritted. Where we are aware of this happening, we respond by sending out the gritting teams again.”